A Mysterious Object Spotted Floating in Front of Moon


With each passing day, scientists are getting one step closer to their quest of finding some sort of life form in the outer space. Every day we hear all new stuff about extraterrestrial objects and UFO sightings. But still there is a lot more to do. Recently, a black shadow-like UFO was sighted floating in front of moon. Read on to know more about this mysterious object floating in front of moon.

This video of strange flying object was filmed in Oman’s astronomical observatory. According to the researchers, this amazing video is filmed by using high-powered telephoto lens. And it was first shared on an Arabic site. As the video was shared on social media, it got immensely popular and about 100,000 people have viewed this video. [Read here: Mysterious Black Ring Floating in the Air]

It is not easy to determine the reality of the object. The object that you see floating in the air, might be a trail of fumes, released by some UFO or maybe it’s an unidentified object in itself. My vote goes for the second option. Check out the video and decide yourself about the reality of this mysterious object floating in front of moon.