Most Bizarre Ritual Of The World


Vastness of our world results in the vastness of cultures as well. There are numerous cultures existing in every corner of the world. And every culture has its own ritual to celebrate and follow. Most of these rituals seem awkward and bizarre to those who are stranger to them. Here I have compiled a few very rigid yet weird rituals from different cultures. All of them are still followed strictly in their respective regions.


The people of Torajan actually live with the people who die. They do not bury them soon rather they would keep them for a long time by wrapping in the clothes. During all this time they make special arrangements for burying them by raising funds and money. On the event of the final burial, buffaloes are sacrificed and finally the coffin is placed in a cave in standing position with their faces out.


African Gar Ritual

It’s a strangely insane ritual of puberty followed by some tribes in East Africa.These tribes shave their boy’s heads and make deep cuts on face from one ear to other.And the scars caused by these deep cuts are known as Gar which symbolizes manhood and power.


Tattooing in Tribal Areas

It is believed in Brazil and Paraguay that every girl who comes to the age of puberty should undergo the painful procedure of tattooing. Because people around this area believe that by making a special kind of tattoos on the body can make a girl’s body more attractive and beautiful. A fish bone is used to make wounds on the girl’s back, stomach and breast and then by rubbing those wounds with ashes they make permanent tattoos on their bodies.

Tooth Filing Ceremony

Teeth Filing Ritual

Another strange ritual from Bali. In Bali, teeth is considered the symbol of lust, greed, anger and insobriety. So to avoid all these negative traits in a person’s life, their teethes are filed in a specially organized ceremony. In this strange ceremony the upper canines and incisors are sharply filed with the help of some very dangerous tools. It is a very painful procedure but people in that area have complete faith in filing the teeth.

Drinking Sperms

Homo sexual Tribe that drink sperms

There are some uncivilized tribes around the world who blindly follow homosexuality in the name of tradition. They firmly believe that all young boys have to drink sperm of their elders in order to become an able adult. And when a boy becomes adult then he become mentor to many other young boys by donating his sperms. In this way homosexuality continues in those tribes forever. Some of the common tribe following this insane ritual are Etoro Tribe of Papau New Guinea.

Neck Stretching

Neck Stretching Ritual

It’s a tribal tradition for women. Women have to wear several specially designed beads or chains around their necks. It is supposed to add beauty and spiritual power to them.

Physical Beating Of Girls

Physical Beating of Girls

Another strange and painful ritual. In Uaupes, people of Brazil follow this weird ritual. When a women reaches at the age of puberty she has to face a lot of physical torture. Firstly a girl has to follow house seclusion for one month. Then every one beats that girl with sticks and gets her naked. This process is repeated four times. And if the girls survives all this pain and physical beating, she is considered capable of marriage.

Lying On Ants

Lying on Ants Mounds

In Luiseno Indian tribe, after reaching the age of puberty young boys have to go through severe pain and torture without any kind of resistance. Young boys have to lay down on huge mound of ants for a very long period. Although ants bite them all over but boys are not allowed to shout or scream. Otherwise they will not be recognized as an able Men in their tribe.

Male Birth Control Ritual

Ritual to Control Birth Rate

This is another very cruel and painful ritual practiced by the Australian Aboriginal tribes.This brutal ritual allows all men to propagate only on some special occasion. A hole is made near the base of penis. After its done, a piece of splinter is placed in that hole so that it remains open forever.From now on the sperms would not pass through the penis. And if that man ever wishes to have baby, he would have to close that additional hole with some helping hand or something useful.

Scarification – Sepik River Tribe

Scarification Ritual

It’s a kind of body modification in which the whole human body is given scars. The tribal people living on the Sepik River in New Guinea are known for scarification. The tradition could be painful.

Eating Dead

Eating Dead Bodies in India

Hindus worshipers of Shiva follow this bizarre tradition. These cannibals are known as Aghoris. Their theory is that Shiva is the creator of all and that is why they can do anything they want. These people perform strange sexual practices, intake of drugs and alcohol. And last but not the least they eat dead people too.

Female InfibulationsThe Real World Image | Female Infibulations

This is perhaps the most painful ritual of all and practiced only in some areas around the world. In this ritual a girl’s vagina is sealed by surgery. This ritual is followed to ensure the fact that women remains virgin till her marriage. The vagina is sealed so tightly that sometimes the blood of menses gets very little space to come out. This practice is condemned by doctors all around the world because it can harm female’s organs very badly.

Feeding the DeadThe Real Worla Image | Feeding the Dead

This is an ancient ritual. This bizarre custom was followed by the ancient Romans.Those people used to place food on the graves of their loved ones. They not only used to feed themselves but also to the dead ones lying in the grave. Most surprisingly many graves discovered by archaeologists have pipes to feed the dead from outside to inside. Such graves are also found in Roman Graves in England as well. The concept behind this bizarre ritual was to feed the soul of their loved ones. Normally liquids like honey, wine were poured in the graves.