Miss USA 2017: Who is Going to Get the Crown of Miss USA Pageant?


    Miss USA is one of the most important event in US. 1 crown, and 51 beauties, like every year, this year too, the mercury is rising as Sunday is getting closer. The final show down will be aired on Sunday on FOX TV. All the 51 participants showcased their beauty in stunning gowns and sexy swim wears on Thursday 11 May 2017. They all were fab.

    What Julianne Hough, the executive producer of the show has to say about this year’s beauty competition? She says,

    “There’s a lot of stigma about pageants and for a long time it was about beauty” … “But I think for our generation there’s so much more about a woman than just her outside appearance.”

    Besides all the American contestant of Miss USA 2017, there are two Latino contestants as well–Linette Nancy Gonzalez (Miss Texas USA 2017) and De Los Santos (Miss Florida USA 2017). Both are special because of their origin. They have journeyed hard to reach this extraordinary stage.

    De Los Santos is a law student and aiming to become an immigrant lawyer. Here is what she said,

    “I went through the whole immigration process with my family but I didn’t know how big of an impact it really was because I was the one going through it until I started working at an immigration criminal defense law firm. That was where I really realized how big immigration really is and how many people are impacted by it,”


    Nancy Gonzalez is of Mexican origin. Came out of a toxic relationship, she had done a lot to come to become a part of Miss USA pageant. She says,

    “I found every little power in me that I found. I would think about my mom and all the effort she put in coming to the United States and making a better life for me.”


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    That thrilling moment is not too far. Sunday is here and we all are waiting keenly to see who is going to be Miss USA 2017 (would it be any of these Latino beauties?) let’s wait and watch. Don’t forget to tune in to Fox TV, May 14th at 8pm ET from Mandalay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. Check out the video of preliminary competition of Miss USA 2017.