Meet the Best Leaf Blowing Musician in China


    Fresh green leaves can also be a music instrument, that sounds strange. Yup that’s quite surprising but true. Qiu Shaochun, resident of Fuzhou, capital of southeast China in the Fujian Province, is a 51 years old musician, who have been playing melodious and heart touching beats using fresh leaves from the trees. Till date, Qiu Shaochun is the best leaf blowing musician in China. In his own words, “Leaves may be the oldest, simplest and most convenient musical instrument.”


    Though he recently got noticed on social media and is being praised by the whole world. But he is not new to this form of art. He had already showcased his talent in about 30 countries of the world. Remembering his childhood days, he stated that he learned this amazing skill from a blind fisherman that used to blow music with leaves. That was the main source of inspiration.

    Other than performing on different occasions, this amazing leaf blowing musician in China, visits various institutions to perform and spread the knowledge of this unique skill. Those who like to learn it, Qiu Shaochun teaches them the secrets of blowing a leaf. This immense and incredible talent must be praised and recognized internationally.