Meet Melania Trump’s Doppelganger Princess Sofia of Sweden


    Do you know there is someone whom we can call Melania Trump’s doppelganger? Looking back at the photos of a younger melania trump, you’ll realize she has got a doppelganger. It’s none other than the gorgeous princess Sofia of the Sweden royal family. Bear in mind, here we are talking about a younger Melania. Looking closely at their pictures, you’ll see they both have the same vibrant eyes, brows, nose and the same dark brunetee hair.

    At the moment, our first lady to-be is 46 and princess Sofia, 31. What’s the other strikingly common thing between them? They both started their careers as fashion models. We have seen both beautiful faces, covering many local and international fashion magazines. Though princess Sofia did not pursue her modelling career internationally but she was nominated Miss Slitz 2004 by the men’s magazine. On the other hand, Melania has been rocking the fashion world by her sizzling style. We have seen her posing boldly for various fashion magazines including, Harper’s Bazaar Bulgaria, GQ, Vanity Fair Italia and so on.


    Princess Sofia is not Melania Trump’s dopplegangger just in her looks, they have quite a similar love life too. They both share a similar story. They both found their prince charming one lucky day, while partying and having fun. And life was never the same. Sofia became a royal princess after getting married to Carl Philip in 2015 and Melania, became the wife of a great business tycoon (Donald Trump) and of course now she is going to be the first-lady of US.

    The resemblance between Melania and Melania Trump’s doppelganger is not over yet. They both are gorgeous mothers to a handsome son. Though Princess Sofia’s handsome, prince Alexander is a baby at the moment. The story of both sexy ladies is quite interesting. Share it with your friends, if you have found it interesting.