Massive Pipes Wash Ashore on UK Beaches


We have covered a number of incidents of marine life washing ashore but this time it is about huge plastic undersea pipes that have washed ashore on the UK beaches of Winterton and Sea Palling along Norfolk coast.

The giant undersea pipes of about 8ft (2.4m) diameter left the beachgoers baffled and a large number of spectators turned out to watch the massive pipes and to take selfies with it.

According to the MCA, repositioning these pipes in Norway “may take several weeks“. MCA added, “The circumstances surrounding the parting of the pipes from their tow is subject to further investigation and the MCA is unable to comment further,”

These large chunks of pipes are reportedly a part of a mega power plant, towing the area from Norway to Algeria. It was on July 19, when a large sized Samskip Courier vessel collided with the undersea plastic pipeline and sectioned in about eight large segments.

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Ever since this incident happened, a number of people have called 911. An officer for UK Coastguard says, “We have received several 999 calls regarding the pipes and sent teams to the area after reports were received that children were playing on or inside the pipes.

“We would like to issue a safety message to those in vicinity to keep at a safe distance until the salvage operation is complete.

“If you see anyone in close proximity to the pipes we would ask that you call us on 999 and ask for the coastguard.”