Marine Scientists Photograph Rare Right Whale in Bering Sea


A recent discovery by marine scientists in Bering Sea has left everyone over excited. The scientist on board identified the creature calling belonging to a rare species of whales i.e. North Pacific right whale.

The sighting of the whale was a big surprise. It was after a whole decade that this particular whale has been sighted in the Bering sea.

The right whale was detected after getting some strange sound signals from underwater. The marine biologists set up their way towards the sound and after facing a hard time they got a glimpse of the rare whale.

The experts on the vessel were able to photograph the images and they also got a few skin samples of the large underwater species. The skin samples would allow them to know more about the right whale.

bering sea
image source: Detroit news

Mooney-Seus, the communications program manager at the Alaska Fisheries Science Center says;

“What was exciting was, you know, we don’t have a lot of opportunity to find these. Because it’s like finding a needle in a haystack, when you have a population this small and you’re looking for them in the eastern Bering Sea and the Gulf of Alaska – it’s a pretty big area to cover,”

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It’s a rare and endangered whale species and only 30 to 50 whales are estimated to be in the underwater world. Seus says, “This makes the North Pacific right whale the rarest whale known to inhabit U.S. waters,”