Malayan Tiger, the Killer of Stacey Konwiser, Dies in Abdominal Surgery


The famous Malayan tiger 14, who mauled a zoo keeper Stacey Konwiser back on April 15, 2016, dies in an intestinal surgery. The officials at Palm Beach Zoo informed the media about ‘irritations in tiger’s guts.’ The tiger had his first surgery about 9 days back.

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This was the second surgery that left the Malayan tiger lifeless. In spite of putting all the efforts, the medical staff could not save the tiger.

The zoo staff added, ‘From ear infections to stomach problems, he has experienced a host of medical concerns that required multiple anesthetic procedures, since April of this year,’

‘We’ve lost a member of our family, and we are comforting each other during this time,’

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Stacey Konwiser Mauled by Malayan Tiger

Previously, the Palm Beach Zoo made headlines after the death of Stacey Konwiser. Stacey entered the tiger’s enclosure for performing a general training session. But the aggressive animal attacked her. A severe bite on her neck by the Malayan tiger claimed her life.