How Lone Star Tick Can Cause Allergic Reaction to Red Meat


Are you a US-based red meat lover? If yes, there MIGHT come a time when you simply would not be able to imagine eating it. A recent revelation about a uniquely shaped insect ‘lone star tick’ has baffled the world. According to the researchers at Kansas State, lone star tick can cause allergic reaction to red meat, ending up the eaters with several mild to severe health disorders. Read on complete story to know more about this story.

What is Lone Star Tick?

Lone star is not a newly-discovered tick. This tick is generally found in Missouri and Kansas. Eastern part of Kansas is the most dominated area with these nasty little ticks. But the recent reports suggest these ticks to be spreading even in the central and western parts of Kansas. These ticks grow and reproduce in warm and heated environment.

Red Meat Allergy Caused by Tick Bite

It is not clear how a tick bite can cause this allergic reaction to red meat (pork, lamb, beef) but anyone who gets bitten by it once, ends up in hazardous conditions like vomiting, hives and diarrhea. The symptoms of allergic reaction do not appear immediately after eating red meat. It takes several hours in it.

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What is the Cure of Allergy caused by Lone Star Tick?

Talking of cure, there is none yet. All that a patient is advised is to avoid the stuff that aggravates the conditions (red meat).