Logan Paul Tasers Dead Rats in His New YouTube Vlog

logan paul tasers
image source: business insider

Vlogger Logan Paul knows the art of making headlines very well. Ever since he has returned to vlogging on his YouTube channel, he is surrounded by controversies. Earlier we saw him in controversial vlogs like the ones encouraging people to be a part of the hazardous tide pod challenge, and the other where he was seen yelling at a hanging dead body in the suicide forest in Japan. But things are not over yet. It seems that YouTube has finally taken a valid step by suspending his YouTube ads.

In the recent vlog of Logan Paul, he can be seen tasering rats along with a few friends of him. He is receiving negative reviews and anger from many sides (just like his earlier vlogs). Most importantly, YouTube has temporarily suspended the YouTube ads from his channel. It was his only source of income. According to an estimation, he earns a monthly income of £867,000 from his YouTube ads—which is suspended at the moment.

Logan Paul Dead Rats Tasering Video

The most recent rat tasering video shows Logan tasering the rats (who are said to be dead already—but who knows!). While he is giving them electronic shocks and saying, “‘No rat comes into my house without getting tased!”. His friends can be seen screaming and yelling.  YouTube has finally released its new policy for the users like Logan Paul who violate the user policy.

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According to Ariel Bardin, YouTube’s VP of product management, “When one creator does something particularly blatant — like conducts a heinous prank where people are traumatized, promotes violence or hate toward a group, demonstrates cruelty, or sensationalizes the pain of others in an attempt to gain views or subscribers — it can cause lasting damage to the community, including viewers, creators and the outside world,” To read more about the new YouTube policy, click here.


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