Justin Bieber And Friends Kicked Out of Mayan Ruins


    Justin Bieber is on vacation in Caribbean these days with friends, family and apparent girl friend Hailey Baldwin. The controversial pop star Justin Bieber is reported to be kicked out of Mayan fortress in the Mexican town of Tulum on a recent trip with friends. According to the officials at Mayan Ruins, Bieber was drunk and entered with beer in the ruins (which is strictly forbidden there)and misbehaved with the officials.

    The reason of throwing Bieber and friends out of Mayan ruins is his immoral act of climbing on a restricted monument and pulling down his pants. Some reports suggest that all of them pulled down their pants and tried to snap a selfie. But some say that Justin Bieber was peeing on the monument after pulling down his pants.

    He also misbehaved with the Mayan Ruins management when stopped by them. The officials of the Mayan ruins  have also confirmed the news with media people. After getting booted from Mexican ruins, Bieber has also left Mexico. Justin Bieber is one of the celebrities who behave badly for most of the time.