Convict Joey Rivera Broadcasted Live on Facebook from South Carolina Jail


A 3 minutes video of a 31 years old SC jail prisoner Joey Rivera, brandishing knife inside the prison has baffled all. The prisoner broadcasted live on Facebook using a smuggled mobile, which is a common issue faced in prisons.

The footage shows the man moving around the prison cell openly and there is no one from the corrections departments to stop him or to take the mobile. The convict can be heard saying to one of his facebook friends, “Baby momma is tripping,” Rivera said. “But she watching, though. And she loving me, though. She can talk all that she wants, but real in here. They love me in here. You hear me? Big knives and all.”

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After the footage gone viral, here is what a spokesperson of South Carolina Department of correction says, “We’ve been very vocal about cell phone contraband…not only in our prisons, but in corrections departments across the country. This video is another example of the unfettered access to the outside world that cell phones give inmates, which is why the FCC should allow prisons to block cell phones.”

This man Joey Rivera is serving ten years sentence in the conviction of burglary. Ever since this live broadcast from Facebook surfaced, the Facebook account of the prisoner has been deactivated. Check out the video gone live from jail.