Jesse Klaver, Justin Trudeau Look-Alike


    Justin Trudeau, the Canadian PM is not just a politician, he is a heart throb, a sensation on the web. People love to search more and more about him and his personal life. To our surprise, Canadian prime minister happens to have a political doppelganger. Hmm!! Is he as sexy and handsome as Justin Trudeau is? Let’s find out more about Justin Trudeau look-alike.


    Jesse Klaver is the new man, the Netherland’s politician that resembles Justin a lot. The GreenLeft political leader bears a striking resemblance with junior Trudeau not just in his looks but also in the way he opinions his policies in the state. [Read here: Who is Justin Trudeau’s Wife]


    The Dutch people are quite excited about Justin Trudeau look-alike in their own land. People especially from Jesse Klaver land took to twitter and tweeted many interesting views about this whole scenario. Here is what some twitter users have to say about it;

     “The Dutch saw #Trudeau and decided they wanted one too,”

    “My new Trudeau is dutch and his name is #JesseKlaver,”

    Umm… are Jesse Klaver and Justin Trudeau related?

    Is it just us, or does @groenlinks leader @jesseklaver look an awful lot like @JustinTrudeau?


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