J. K. Rowling Views on Donald Trump


    World renown celebrity author J.K. Rowling who is recognized particularly for her novel series HARRY POTTER has again created a buzz on social media. J.K. Rowling has actually commented hard on Donald Trump, the candidate for American Presidential elections.

    Ever since this whole presidential campaign has started, we have been hearing Donald Trump uttering all negative views about Muslims in US. His most recent comment has raged a lot of criticism from many sides including David Cameron, who also negated whatever poisoned and anti-Muslim comments Trump made. Even petition is filed against Trump for banning him in UK as “Block Donald J Trump from UK entry” . Donald Trump in his most recent comment has cleared that Muslims should be ban in US and should never give permission to enter in United State.

    J.K. Rowling took to social media and on her twitter account she compared Donald Trump to the famous antagonist of Harry Potter series, LORD VOLDEMORT. In Rowling’s views, even Voldemort was better than Donald Trump. Lets see what she Rowling has to say,

    How horrible. Voldemort was nowhere near as bad.

    Facing a lot of criticism from all sides, I do not know what Trump has to say about it. But I don not think that spreading hatred and discrimination would take him to the presidency.