Ivanka Trump wants Justin Trudeau


    Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau was on an official visit to United States this week. He had a lot of meetings with different officials and of course with president Donald Trump. There was another round table meeting, especially organized for working women. The special thing about it, Ivanka Trump too attended the meeting. We don’t know much what was discussed in the meeting and what were the final words. The pictures story is showing the other side. The media and the people are claiming Ivanka Trump wants Justin Trudeau. Yup! She was just in love with the handsome prime minister. She even forgot about her marital status (that’s what people are saying on twitter).


    The pictures that we are sharing here are enough to express Ivanka’s feelings for the handsome Canadian prime minister. The story trended greatly on twitter and people posted funny words along with pictures of Ivanka Trump and Justin Trudeau, showing Ivanka going gaga over Justin Trudeau. Some twitter users even mentioned Ivanka Trump’s husband ‘Jared’ in their tweets. Let’s find out the truth in the snaps to know whether Ivanka Trump wants Justin Trudeau, or is it a baseless story. Decide yourself. [Read here: Why Nordstrom Dropped Ivanka Trump’s Fashion Line?]