Is Great Barrier Reef Dying?


    Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is one of the most unique world heritage sites of the world. What makes it special is not just the vibrancy of colors in the water (due to algae), it is also the largest living thing on the face of earth. And above all, it looks phenomenal when you see great Barrier reef from space. The shades, colors and natural beautify this great Barrier Reef, are being damaged constantly from a couple of years. How would it attract tourist from across the globe when there is no colors left? Is great Barrier Reef dying? Let’s find out more.

    Great Barrier Reef Bleaching

    A recent Ariel survey has displayed the loss of algae in about 2/3 of reef’s area. It was first in the year 2016 when a large part of great Barrier reef was reportedly damaged by bleaching after hot water temperature, in the northern area. And in 2017, is seeing further damage in the center part of the coral reef. When you see the images of great barrier reef before and after you get a better idea of the loss. According to experts, there is very little chance of recovery of these dying reefs. According to Prof Terry Hughes, from James Cook University, major steps should be taken to save the climate. That’s the only solution. Here is what he said in a recent interview to BBC,

    “Since 1998, we have seen four of these events and the gap between them has varied substantially, but this is the shortest gap we have seen, …The sooner we take action on global greenhouse gas emissions and transition away from fossil fuels to renewables, the better.”

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    What researcher Dr. James Kerry, has to say to BBC,

    “The central third this year, I would say, was as severe in terms of bleaching as what we saw as the northern third last year, … For those reefs that were hit two years in a row, it is effectively a double whammy. They have had no chance to recover from last year’s events.”

    This is a really sad condition for the beauty of our planet. Severe climatic conditions are damaging earth and no positive steps have been taken in this regard. And even if there are some, these are not satisfactory at all. We hope this beautiful site gets its beauty and life back, just like it was a few years back, ‘a great tourist’s attraction’. [Read here: Super bloom phenomenon in death valley]

    Updated 8th July 2017:

    United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco)has released their latest list of the endangered world heritage sites. To everyone’s surprise, the great Barrier reef is not enlisted on it. It has been a part of such endangered sites since 1981, but not any more.

    According to the report, much have been done to preserve it. Anna Marsden, managing director of the Foundation says;

    We welcome this decision from which recognizes much is being done to reduce pressures on the Great Barrier Reef, however with so much to lose, more needs to be done, It is clear everyone must step up and do more to protect our global treasure”