Idaho Sasquatch Sighting—What’s the Truth?


We have all been grown up to the myths and legends of ‘big foot sightings’. Different people at different time have been reporting about the sightings of weird creatures like Sasquatch and bigfoot. But no solid proof has ever been found in this regard.

A recent event in Idaho, once again gave rise to our suspicions about the existence of bigfoot. An accident has recently been reported by a northern Idaho woman near Potlatch highway, close to the Washington border. Her car is said to be collided with a deer, running for its life. Apparently, the deer was getting chased by a bigfoot/Sasquatch. [Find here: See how a real mermaid’s decaying body has washed ashore]

According to the woman (50 years old), when she looked in the rear-view mirror, she caught the sight of a huge sasquatch. The Idaho sasquatch sighting left her in awe.

This is not the first time that we have got the reports of bigfoot sightings from Idaho. In 2015, three hunters reported sasquatch sighting in Clark County, Idaho, while they were on a hunting expedition.

Another resident of Idaho, reported to have seen an eight-foot big creature (probably a bigfoot) outside her house in 2012. [Find here: A Dragon Spotted Flying over China]