Hammerhead Shark on Singer Island Dies

hammerhead shark
image source: sharksworld.com

Those who know the significance of conserving endangered species of animals must have been angered after watching this mad video. Filmed by a professional diver Leigh Cobb, this tragic incident took place on singer island. To know more about hammerhead shark on singer island, read on.

It was an unfortunate hammerhead shark, an endangered specie who happened to be on the shore, caught up by a hook set by people around doing sport fishing.

Snagged on the beach, people from all around started to gather, for what? For taking a selfie with the trapped hammerhead.

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According to the lady who filmed the whole event, it took about 45 minutes in the whole event.

Unfortunately, the fish could not survive. Why she died so early? According to experts, trauma and stress caused the hammerhead shark’s death. Leigh’s screaming can be heard in the footage as she is pleading those three fishermen to release the endangered species. Check out the video.


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