Half Human Half Lamb Born in Lady Frere Village, South Africa


We have been covering a number of stories on deformed animals and bizarre creatures. Another such real-life story got my attention so I thought to share it with you all. It is a half human and half lamb that was born in Lady Frere village of south Africa. As the sheep gave birth to this highly deformed creature, the whole village undergone panic and stress. To the villagers, this eerie creature was the result of witchcraft and bestiality.

As the images of half lamb and half human circulated on the web, a number of viewers rejected it by naming it as some sort of hoax. But the agriculture officials of the south African village confirmed the birth of this deformed creature. The half human and half sheep creature was dead at the time of birth.

bizarre creature in south africa
source: news.com.au

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According to some reports, the mother of this weird creature was infected with Rift Valley Fever in the early stages of her pregnancy. That might be the cause of its deformity. Watch the video here.

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