Greenland Tsunami Video Nuugaatsiaq


West coast of Greenland has been hit by a 4-magnitude earthquake on Saturday. The earthquake caused a rare Greenland tsunami in the area. About 4 people are said to be missing there. According to a report, the landslide in the sea produced the layer of tsunami in Greenland.

Damage after Greenland Tsunami

According to the initial reports, about 2 people were found dead as a result of highly-localized tsunami. An isolated community in Shock is the most affected by it. Houses are damaged, people are homeless. In the words of the Greenland’s prime minister; “It’s hard to believe what happened last night,” ` “After the earthquake in Nuugaatsiaq we were made aware that the forces of nature can suddenly change…what happened is tragic and my thoughts are with everyone from Nuugaatsiaq.”

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Check out the Greenland Tsunami video below, captured by Olina Angie K. Nielsen.