Great South Bay Nursery For Sand Tiger Shark


Scientists at the Wildlife Conservation Society’s New York Aquarium have declared the long island’s Great South Bay to be the nursery for the upbringing and protection of the sand tiger sharks. The sand tiger sharks keep getting back here every summer season from down south as this location seems a nice place to feed and grow without any fear of predators. Great South Bay is only the nursery for the pups of sand tiger shark, they are not born here.

This area is located very close to the NY shoreline and also a very crowdy one. Boats and ships are here all the time so it can be said a safe zone for the sand tiger shark pups as other predators do not dare to come here for their own safety.

Jon Dohlin, vice president and director of the aquarium exclaimed,

“This habitat must provide food sources as well as protection from their predators As long as such key components are met, the sharks will likely continue to return to the site each year.”

Scientists have captured around 15 Juvenile sharks from Great south bay in 2015 and left them tagged with acoustic trackers and with the help of these acoustic trackers they got all the data and whereabouts of sharks.