Giant Sea Monster Washed up on Indonesian Beach


Writing for bizarre sea monsters and weird creatures is nothing new for me. But the latest sea monster that washed ashore on Hulung Beach, on Seram Island, Indonesia has baffled everyone. It was discovered by Asrul Tuanakota, a 37 years old local resident of this place. This latest discovery is a rotting and unidentified sea creature. It is quite difficult to speculate about its reality. The locals of the island are claiming it to be a rotten squid. Some are calling it a sperm whale. Let’s read on to find more about this real life sea monster (and not the ones we used to uncover in ‘Scooby Doo’).

What does it look like?

The sea monster is about 50 feet long. It has been dead for about 3 to 4 days now. The body is badly decomposed. The pathetic condition of the body makes it difficult to identify it. According to Detik, a team of marine scientists will land here any time soon, to take the samples of this Indonesian creatures. Hopefully, it would be helpful in determining what this sea creature actually is.



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As the days are passing, the sea monster is changing its color. Just because the creature is contaminating with each passing moment, the locals are worried about its disposal. If it stays there for long, it may leave harming effects on the natural environment. Check out the video of the Indonesian sea monster given below.