Gianni Versace’s Assassination Filmed in the Second Season of American Crime Story

gianni versace
image source: eonline

Death of Gianni Versace was a great loss for everyone who loves fashion world. Andrew Cunanan was a serial killer,27, who assassinated Versace on the doorsteps of his Miami mansion. Till date, the life of the murderer is shrouded in suspense and mystery. This whole mysterious real-life crime scene is going to be on your screens with ‘The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story ‘

Gianni Versace was in his 50’s at the time of his death. An open gay, his personal life was not hidden from anyone. Besides fashion designing, Versace was known for his humanitarian work. He also had a boyfriend named D’Amico, whom he was dating since long.

Death of Versace is recreated in the first episode of the second season of American Crime Story. Most of the facts and scenes in these episodes are inspired from the book written by Maureen Orth; the book was named The Assassination of Gianni Versace.

Gianni is being played by Edgar Ramirez while Darren Criss is portraying Andrew Cunanan. Ricky Martin is playing Versace’s boyfriend in the story.

According to Gianni Versace’s family, most of the stuff in the book is based on lies and they do not take this work as reliable. The family of Versace have also used terms like ‘distorted and bogus’ for the book by Orth. The episodes are filmed in the real-time house of Gianni; which adds a real-like feel to the whole story.

According to Hollywood Reporter, this is what Ramirez has to say about shooting on the real location; “Everyone was very moved because we didn’t make the steps, we shot on those steps,” Ramirez tells THR. “He laid on those steps, and Antonio [D’Amico, his partner] might have picked him up in the way Ricky [Martin, who plays D’Amico] did with me. And there’s something very moving and interesting and disturbing to me because Gianni was shot around 8:30 or so that morning … so he was alive. I was playing somebody who’s dying, I wasn’t playing dead.”

Who was Andrew Cunanan? How they met and how Versace was shot dead? To get the answers of all such questions, log on to FX at 10 p.m. every Wednesday, to watch The Assassination of Gianni Versace.