Ghost Girl Caught on Camera in Cambridge


Is there life after death? Do ghosts exist? These and many other such questions have always confused our minds. But we could not have determined anything for sure. Views are quite divided. Some believe, some don’t. Nevertheless, any so-called paranormal activity around, raises a lot of mystery and sparks debate. A recently released image of an apparent ‘ghost girl’ roaming around in the woodsy area near Cambridge, has caused spark all around. The image has gone viral on social media and people are coming up with different elaborations of the spooky image of a little girl.

Who Shot this Apparent Ghost Girl?

This piece of land is recently bought. And the owners (who intend to hunt around on this area) set trail camera off Route 74 in the woods to keep an eye on any possible interference by locals. While having a look on the few images captured by the cam, they came across this blurry image of a mysterious girl (in Cambridge woods).


Soon after the release of the grainy image, the local paranormal enthusiasts in Cambridge state shown quite an interest in exploring the matter. Here is what Tania Woodward, the president of the Paranormal Research team in Greenwich has to say about this ghostly image (to WTEN) of the mysterious girl;

“We like to look at the actual footage from the actual camera it came from,” There’s a lot of historical places [in the area] and we do pick up a lot of stuff from that.”

“What neighborhood kids are around? Do they have kids? What time of day it was set up? Where it was set up?” “Can we look through it to see what’s going on and do some research on the area?”…”Trail cams don’t take the best pictures; it’s tough,”

The actual landowners are not allowing them to research on the land about any paranormal existence. Why? They want to keep their privacy.

People’s Views about the Ghost Girl Image

On social media, we are seeing mixed reviews by people. Some confirm the mysterious image to be an outcome of some paranormal activity while some have rejected the image as fake.

“I don’t know. It’s kind of hard to believe whatever you see on social media nowadays.”

“I think it’s a ghost. … It’s definitely a spirit.”

“I think it’s just a little girl playing in the woods. I don’t think it’s a ghost.”

What Local Myths Suggest?

The local residents have not denied this image altogether. According to them, there have been paranormal activities within this area in the past. Furthermore, myths suggest a girl of about the same age (as shown in the image of the ghost girl) had died in this area while playing on the railway track (it was long time back when this area had a railway track). And people have been reporting the ghostly sighting of a girl wandering in the woods even in the past. Is this image linked to the above mentioned myth? Share your thoughts.

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Is the Mystery Really Solved?

A recent phone call by some local resident has cleared the fog from the mystery to some extent. According to Greenwich Police Chief George Bell;

“I don’t want to give a name until we verify it, but it’s a local businessman in southern Washington County who says, around the time frame that this picture was taken, that he and his granddaughter were walking a four-wheeler path,”

This latest development has put a halt to a lot of paranormal speculations about this matter. But things still have to be confirmed.  I will try to keep the track of the story to keep you all informed and updated from any progress in the ghost girl of Cambridge case.