Full Moon To Shine On Christmas


    It happens in decades that a full moon shines on Christmas eve. This is the year that we are going to witness this stunning view and can imagine Santa passing by that full moon. It was in the year 1977 when the world witnessed the complete moon on Christmas eve.

    December’s complete moon is normally named as FULL COLD MOON because it is the time that winter starts at its peak. Full and clear moon is an additional gift for these Christmas holidays.The Real World Image | Full Moon To Shine On Christmas

    According to the experts no full moon would be seen on Christmas for a very long time now. The next full moon on Christmas will be in 2034. Thats a long time so one should not miss this rare opportunity.

    Moon is our celestial neighbor since always and moon has kept the world captivated and spell bound since ages. A NASA Spacecraft is currently revolving around moon. Its been on this mission since 2009. The mission Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) is to investigate and explore more about the lunar surface.

    Hope this Christmas moon on Christmas eve is a blessed one for the world. Have a great and marry Christmas all.