Faceless Fish: A Bizarre Sea Creature Found in Australia


“This little fish looks amazing because the mouth is actually situated at the bottom of the animal so, when you look side-on, you can’t see any eyes, you can’t see any nose or gills or mouth,” … “It looks like two rear-ends on a fish, really.” That is what Dr. O’ Hara, the lead scientist of a recent marine expedition titled, ‘Sampling the Abyss’ has to say about this faceless fish found in Sydney, Australia.

This marine expedition is based on about 27 scientists and it is still going on. This is not the first time that scientists have found this bizarre sea creature. This 40cm fish is actually rediscovered. It was discovered back in 1873 near Papua New Guinea. And now once again the team of scientists led by Dr. Tim O’Hara have found it near Jervis Bay, south of Sydney.

How does it Look like?

Apparently, this fish has a mouth below its body. It has nostrils but nose is not quite visible. The sea creature seems to have no face and eyes. According to the scientist, the faceless fish has no eyes because the depth, it belongs to (4,000 meters), has nothing but extreme dark and cold atmosphere and they don’t need eyes to live there. Most of the creatures living this deep, produce light by using their bioluminescence.

source: The Telegraph

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Some Other Weird Sea Creatures

Faceless fish is not the only bizarre marine creature found in ‘Sampling the Abyss’. Some other amazing marine life discoveries by them include—coffin fish, red rock crabs, dragon fish, carnivorous sponges and blind sea spiders.