Egyptian Woven Garment, the Oldest Dress of the World


So, its finally confirmed by all sources that the threadbare pleated shirt, unearthed in early 1900’s, from an ancient tomb, is the oldest dress of the world. It remained overlooked as some filthy rug for many years. In 1977 it was noticed by archaeologists once again and was named the ancient Egyptian “Tarkhan dress”.

The Egyptian ripped shirt is very much like some modern haute couture. Its a shirt with V-neckline, full sleeves, skillfully pleated bodice and arms. The ancient piece of clothing must be of floor length, like it used to be in that time. The length of 5k years has confined it to a normal sized shirt.

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A detailed radiocarbon dating process has cleared it as the oldest dress of the world, as old as 5,500 years i.e around 3482-3102 BC. Researchers suggests that the history of this ancient shabby shirt might go earlier than the First Dynasty of Egypt.This is not the first piece of clothing, uncovered, there were many before but they were in the form of drapes that used to be wrapped around the body. This one is special because its a tailored piece, in fitted and cut style.

Research proves, this tattered shirt belonged to some rich and wealthy person. There are many signs of wear that prove it to be used in life and not an accessory stored in the tomb for using in after life as it was a prevailing concept of that era.