Discovery of 300 years Old Ship In Old Town Alexandria


While the construction work of a 120 room hotel “Indigo”, in Old Town Alexandria, around 300 years old ship is excavated by the construction crew. The large sized ship is scuttled between 1775 to 1798. The 300 years old ship was buried in a damp grave. The team was soon joined by the naval archaeologists to dismantle the artifacts and proceed the research.

About a couple of months ago, near the same construction site, from a warehouse, a 1755 foundation was unearthed that was concluded to be some public place of great importance.  The archaeologist Dan Baicy says about these excavations, “It’s very rare. This almost never happens,In 15 years that I’ve done this work, I’ve never run into this kind of preservation in an urban environment where there’s so much disturbance.”

The 300 years old ship was also displayed for public on the site of excavation. It will be kept in some wet place until it gets place in any preservation lab. The 300 years old ship will be examined deeply to conclude the whereabouts of the ship and what was it used for etc.

The most surprising thing about the ancient artifact, according to DR. Dan Baicy is that the wood did not decay. And the reason is its cut off from air and oxygen once it was buried.

Archaeologists are excavating various ancient objects from that area time after time. The ancient artifacts include ceramics, glass and bones that also belong to that old era and will help in research work. And Baicy further said, “For some reason, we’ve found a lot of shoes,” . Now that’s kind of weird.