The Cincinnati Zoo Welcomes Black Rhino ‘Kendi’


    After the birth of the rhino Fiona at the Cincinnati Zoo, the zoo welcomes another young black eastern rhino. This new rhino baby was born on Monday morning at 5:05 a.m. It took about half an hour for the mother to deliver the baby rhino, named Kendi after a 15 months old pregnancy period. Kendi stands for “the loved one” in Swahili.

    The surveillance camera inside the rhino barn captured the whole birth process. The official staff at the Cincinnati Zoo could not determine the sex of the baby black rhino so far because they are giving the family, a proper space to spend quality time together.

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    The visitors of The Cincinnati Zoo would be able to see this eastern black rhino within a couple of weeks. The curator of mammals at the Cincinnati Zoo said in the press release by the zoo; “Every rhino calf born is incredibly important for the population, which includes fewer than 60 in North America. Calves will stay with their mothers for 3-4 years which means that the average female can only have one calf every 5 years,”. Check out the birth video below.