Christmas Island: Home To the Red Crabs


    Christmas island is one of the most amazing naturally wonderful travel destinations. It is an Australian island and situated in Indian ocean. Christmas island is famous for only one specific reason and that is the RED CRABS. Christmas island is home to around 50 million crabs living here.

    The season from October to December is called the wet season here. With the start of rains, starts the wet season, millions of red crabs start migrating from the forest of Christmas island to the sea for spawning and breeding.

    The migration process of the red crabs also depends on the lunar phases. The female red crabs have to lay eggs in the last lunar quarter in the sea.

    In the past, this migration caused a lot of road killings of red crabs for many years. This year rangers in the area have built under road tunnels and fences that are designed to lead the red crabs to the other side of the road and to provide them a safe passage so that the red crabs do not get killed on the road. A special overhead crab bridge is also built for crabs to go to the other side of the road safely and finally to the sea.

    If you are an adventure traveler and want some thrilling destination to get explored by you, this is the right and most exact time for you to visit Christmas island.