Cartoonish Police Sketch Solves the Theft Mystery in Lancaster Pennsylvania

police sketch
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Police sketch of culprits is a known way of catching them when you are not sure about their real identity. We have seen law departments with sketch artists who draw faces so expertly that it leads them to the right man and thus such cases are solved. Recently, an amusing case has been noticed in Pennsylvania, Lancaster police department. Police had to identify the thief with the help of a childish and cartoonish sketch, drawn by an eyewitness, a commoner. And they did it! it turned out to be a man named ‘Hung Phuoc Nguyen’. You don’t believe me, read on…

It was a funny sketch containing a few lines, tiny cap, no eyebrows and two dots in the place of eyes. Though it seems impossible to identify someone using such childish police sketches, but the Lancaster police defended this sketch and identified the real man behind it.

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Officer William Hickey of Lancaster police added, “We appreciated their effort and continued cooperation. People like that make our job easier? and? more enjoyable.”

Hung Phuoc Nguyen was the man who stole money from a counter, posing as one of the officers serving in that place. It was then that someone got notice of him and helped in catching him by drawing a police sketch. And the hunt for the man is on.


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