Bran Castle in Romania is Home to the Brown Bears


    Are you planning to visit the Dracula-famed Bran Castle situated on the top of a mountain in central Romania? Don’t! at least for a few days. The historic Poenari Castle is closed these days for the safety of the visitors (for an unknown time period). The area is known to be one of the biggest habitat of brown bears (it has about 5000 to 6000 brown bears) in Europe. Reports suggest, the area surrounding the Poenari castle is invaded by a few grizzlies (four brown bears). Read on to know more.

    Apparently, there is a family of brown bears that has been disturbing the visitor’s. The local authorities in Romania are ordered to capture the four bears and relocate them at some other environmentally friendly spot. According to them, “The environment ministry has given us the green light for the four bears to be captured and moved elsewhere, … “But we still have to decide where to remove them to,” According to the police, the tourists leaving their garbage in the surroundings of Bran Castle, are to blame for the bears appearing there.

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    Brief History of Dracula’s Castle

    source: shopback

    Build in 13th century, this Bran castle was occupied and repaired by Romanian prince Vlad the Impaler, two centuries after it was built. Its association with Dracula makes this place one of the most favorite tourists attractions of Romania. You need to climb 1,480 steps to reach atop. It was four centuries later that the writer Bram Stoker got inspiration from this unusually located Poenari Castle and wrote his book ‘Dracula’.