Mystery of the Black Ring-Like UFO Floating in the Air


Whenever we talk of famous UFO sightings, most of them are reported in some Russian area. Why? We still would have to wait to get the answer. A very recent UFO sighting that baffled the local residents of Novosibirsk city in Russia, is of a strange black ring floating in the air.

One of the spectators filmed this eerie looking dark ring, standing on the roof of a mall. And when it was uploaded, it got viral and we still are seeing interesting reactions by people.


What is it Actually?

It would be too early to speculate anything about this sinister black ring floating in the air. This is not the first time that any such black ring has appeared in the sky. There was one, we saw in Disney, California. That too was quite similar in the look. [Read here: Crystal Clear UFO Sighting in the Desert of Arizona]

Scott Brando, the owner of has tried to solve the issue. According to him, this is not a UFO sighting but this black ring floating in the air is actually a leftover of a smoke ring of fireworks that gradually disappears in the air. Hmm that seems quite possible. so, next time you find it somewhere, you don’t need to freak out. For the moment, checkout the video here.