Beauty and the Beast in Erectile Dysfunction Ad


We are still not out of the charisma of the remake of the classical ‘Beauty and the Beast’. The movie is appearing in a surprising and bizarre ad. It is good to be a part of some ad campaign. What if the product is a bit weird? That is what happened to the most amazing movie this season.

Most interestingly, the clips from the movie ‘Beauty and the Beast’ have been combined to create an ad of a product curing erectile dysfunction. Yeah!!! Don’t be surprised. That’s very much true. [Find here: Who has got the biggest Penis of the world?]

The product is Cialis Tadalafil with an interesting tagline ‘unleash your inner beast’. And that’s inspired by the very beast, ‘Dan Stevens.’ Here is what the narrator has to say to the audience,

“You make a great team, it’s been that way since the day you met – but your erectile dysfunction – it could be a question of blood flow.” Furthermore, “Cilias tadalafil for daily use could help you be ready for any time when the moment is right.”


In the ad, the beast is filmed as a personification of stamina in the bedroom. It becomes more interesting when the about is about to end with the line that states, “avoid any long term injuries” users must “seek immediate medical help” if their erection last for more than four hours.” [Read here: How Beauty and the Beast, is the Biggest Grosser in March]