Audi China Commercial Sparks Outrage on Social Media


    Audi automobiles have been facing quite a tough time in past few years competing their better rivals like Mercedes and BMW.  A recent TV commercial by Audi even worsens the condition. This new Audi ad has sparked quite outrage on social media, especially in China.

    According to the reports, Audi has not just apologized for the concept of the Audi car ad but the ad has also been withdrawn. And a spokesperson claims that an investigation is undergoing behind the approval of this weird ad concept.

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    The ad compares a used Audi cars to a bride. It shows an eerie mother in law invading her would-be daughter in law. Mother in law checks her bride for various physical deformities. She checks her eyes, ear, mouth and even cleavage. And approves her in the end.

    According to a spokesman at Audi headquarters; “AUDI AG deeply regrets the aforementioned TV spot of the used car division of our joint venture in China. The ad’s perception that has been created for many people does not correspond to the values of our company in any way.” Let’s have a look at this Audi China commercial.