Aokigahara, Japan’s Suicide Forest : Logan Paul Video

suicide forest japan
image source: CNN

Aokigahara or the suicide forest in japan is back in headlines ever since the YouTube star Logan Paul has been to the deadly forest and shared his absurd video on his YouTube channel. Reports suggest that the YouTube owners are going to take some action against uploading such weird and disturbing pieces on their platform. Before discussing Logan Paul’s destiny, let’s have a look on what this Japan suicidal forest is all about.

Where is Aokigahara?

This is located at the northwestern base of Mount Fuji. This place is said to be so thick and dark that it has been named ‘sea of trees’. Mount Fuji is reputed as the tallest peak in japan. The Aokigahara forest associated with it is said to be haunted since decades.

This forest is stretched on an area of approx. 30 sq. km. Grown over hardened lava, this place has the tendency of absorbing sounds—that makes it an overly-quite place with pin drop silence. Maybe that very silence all around, attracted suicidal visitors too come and die here. This place is also known as ‘the perfect place to die’.

This defamed forest has also been a part of Hollywood horror movie (The Sea of Trees, 2016) and a novel written by a Japanese author Seichō Matsumoto.

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Why People Come here to Suicide?

Japan is a country with the highest suicidal rate in the world. Each year people kill themselves due to their personal reasons. Many of them pick the forest of Aokigahara for it. Month of March is said to witness a spike in the ratio of suicidal visitors. March marks the end of financial year and it is supposed to be the most stressful period for most of the Japanese.

According to reports, due to an abnormal increase in suicidal cases in Aokigahara, Japanese government has instructed to stop publicizing news and reports related to suicide cases from this location.

Signboards have been placed on different entryways (in Japanese) to warn the people about the consequences.

suicide forest japan
image source: CNN

Suicide Ratio in Aokigahara Japan’s Suicide Forest

Only in 2003, about 105 bodies were recovered from Aokigahara, the suicide forest. In 2010, the numbers were increased to 200, of which about 54 people were successful in taking their lives. According to the locals, many times people come with luggage and tents and spend enough time here to come on the final decision of ending their lives. Going out there, you will see bones, human remains and other essentials scattered on different spots. That’s too weird.

suicide forest japan
image source: atlasobscura

Logan Paul Movie Clip in the Forest of Aokigahara

Logan was bashed for filming and disrespecting the body of a suicider in the forest. From celebrities to commoner, everyone took him hard for doing something so cheap, just for publicity. Later on, Paul had to remove the content; not only this, he also apologized for his act.

Though the video is no longer available, but what it had was really upsetting. In this clip of 15 minutes, he not just filmed a body hanging on the tree but also yelled at it and disrespected the body. Check out his apology on twitter.


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