Anorexic Skinny Models Who Died Eventually


It is said that health is wealth. If you have a strong and healthy body, the glow and shine of health would double your beauty and style. But trends keep changing. In the glam world today, the slimmer you are the better it is for your career. But some fashion models are ultra slim and horribly skinny. What these skinny models do, is not skin show but BONE SHOW. Some of them are so weirdly slim that one fears that they might fall on ramp anytime. Most of these models are suffering from Anorexia, a mental disorder when you start believing that you are not good enough for anything and stop eating to look slim and smart and finally you turned into a skeleton-like creature. There have been such anorexic models in fashion history. They were suffering from anorexic disease and finally died of it.

Countries like PARIS, ISRAEL, SPAIN and ITALY have banned ultra skinny models, as they are source of spreading this size-zero obsession among other young girls.  These meager creatures are not allowed to take part in any event of fashion industry. Anyone who wants to join glam and fashion industry, should have a healthy BMI.

Even celebrity designer Victoria Beckham is being criticized for using ultra skinny models in her Victoria Secret fashion shows. Specially the recent one in September 2015 for spring/summer 2016. People rushed to social media and complained that Victoria Beckham used a “parade of skeletons” in the show.

Defending her side, Victoria Beckham said that all these skinny, slim models were healthy enough before joining her team. She further said,” They are thin but that does not mean that they are ill.” Lets have a look at some ultra slim models.

Isabelle Caro

She was one of the skinniest and thinnest model. She died back in 2010 of anorexic disorder. Her disease was known publicly as she wrote a book on anorexia named, THE GIRL WHO DIDN’T WANT TO GET FAT.

The Real World Image | Isabelle Caro
Isabelle Caro

Luisel Ramos

She suffered heart failure caused by anorexia nervosa while performing her last cat walk. Luisel Ramos’s father told the police that she had stopped eating for many days before dying.

The Real World Image | Luisel Ramos
Luisel Ramos

Eliana Ramos

She also died six months after her sister’s death, of anorexia related disease.

The Real world Image | Eliana Ramos
Eliana Ramos Before
skinny models
Eliana Ramos After

Ana Carolina Reston

She also turned into an ultra skinny models as she kept eating fruits and tomatoes only and lost too much of weight. She died in 2006.

The Real World Image | Ana Carolina Reston
Ana Carolina Before
The Real World Image | Ana Carolina Reston skinny models
Ana Carolina Reston After