Aftermath Movie Trailer, Is it the best by Arnold Schwarzenegger so far?


    I don’t think I have ever seen Arnold Schwarzenegger in such an emotional role. I think he is really looking for an Oscar nominee. I am not joking. The latest trailer of Aftermath movie has stunned me. And I am keenly waiting for 31 March to watch it. Aftermath trailer shows Arnold Schwarzenegger as a helpless man who is desperate to seek revenge.

    Talking of Arnold’s movies, the words that strike our mind are—ass kicking, punches and explosions. This year things are gonna change. I believe, with age, Arnold Schwarzenegger is looking for characters that are more performance oriented. Aftermath movie is the story of an old construction worker who loses his family in a tragic plane crash. He is seeking revenge from those who caused this whole tragedy.

    Directed by Elliott Lester, written by Javier Gullón, Aftermath movie is going to be exceptional. Aftermath cast include; Maggie Grace, Scoot McNairy, Kevin Zegers and Mariana Klaveno. Here is the latest Aftermath trailer. Do watch it, enjoy and let us know, how did you find it. [Read here: Top 10 Best Movies of 2016.]