Man Shoots 820 Pounds Wild Hog in Samson Alabama


Wade Seago, a man from Alabama is making headlines after shooting an unusually weighed wild hog walking in his private property in Samson, Alabama. The man said, his pet dog Cruiser, sensed the danger that day and kept on barking for a long time. Accompanied by his daughter, Wade Seago saw the big sized wild hog roaming around the Samson yard.

Wade told; “I looked out the back window and saw nothing, so I ran to the front of the house where my daughter was looking out the window. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.” It was an 820-pound weighed wild hog at the distance of 12 yards away. The man grabbed his 38-caliber revolver and shot the hog thrice.

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After killing the hog, the man took him to peanut company for weighing it down. The man feels no regret in killing the hogzilla as it was not just a threat to his property but also to his family. The man says; “I didn’t think twice about taking down this hog,” he added, “I’d do it again.”