800 Years Old Mobile Reality Or Hoax


A recent video posted on YouTube channel the Paranormal Crucible claims some archaeologists have dug up an 800 years old mobile like artifact from Fuschl am See in Austria earlier this year. The so called ancient artifact has striking similarity to a modern day mobile phone.

The claimed 800 years old mobile ancient artifact has a screen and key buttons just like a mobile phone with some inscriptions in Cuneiform symbols. This language of Sumerian belonged to the people of ancient Babylonia that is the area of present day Iraq. But how could an ancient artifact from middle east be ended up in Austria? Quite confusing.

Many speculations are being made on the existence of this weird artifact. Some are saying that if its a fact then it might belong to some alien technology that contacted earth thousands years ago and left it in Austria. And some are relating it to time travel. But at the same time many are considering this whole news a hoax and a made up story. The video is also very suspicious as there is nothing to convince us more. Just a covered hand and a device in it. Watch the video here.