80 Years Old Chinese Model is ‘China’s Hottest Grandpa’


    Wang Deshun is the oldest and most probably the sexiest fashion model of China. An actor, DJ, artist and a model by profession, Wang celebrated his 80th birthday this year in September. This 80 year old Chinese model debuted on the ramp last year in China Fashion Week in Beijing. His sexy body and abs at this age, earned him a lot of praise from every corner of the world.

    Wang Deshun was born in 1936 in northeastern China. He started his career as a theatrical actor. Working as a mime, at one point of his career, gave him a chance to coach and train a lot of young, rising fashion models. But he never pursued fashion modeling as a career for himself.

    Then how come this ‘China’s Hottest Grandpa’ came to spotlight and became the oldest, 80 years old Chinese model? Years later, in 2015, he received an invitation from a famous fashion house for a catwalk. Which he later came to know, was sent by a model whom he coached in his earlier days.

    Here’s China’s Hottest Grandpa!

    The most fascinating fact about him is his fit and well-shaped body. Such great body at this age is the result of regular work out, swimming and a lot more. The whole persona of Wang Deshun is a great source of inspiration for many who start believing themselves overage or good for nothing.

    He follows a strict work out plan to keep fit and shaped. Ever since he was 50, he is following a routine of weight lifting and exercising daily for 4 hours and of course no alcohol now. Even in his world famous catwalk, this 80 years old Chinese model has shown really cool stunts, that surprised the audience.

    His magnificent fitness and sex appeal has earned him the title of ‘China’s Hottest Grandpa’ by New York Times. Grandpa to a young baby girl, here is what this 80 years old Chinese model has to say about his fitness and life. “People can change their life as many times as they wish,”