106 Years Old Fruitcake found in Cape Adare in Antarctica


Discovery of 106 years old cake has left the world baffled. The fruitcake packed in a tin box, covered in a wrapper is said to be in quite a good (almost edible) condition. Recovered from an old hut in Cape Adare in Antarctica, read on to know who owned the old fruitcake.

Conservators dug deep and found the cake from Cape Adare huts. According to the excavators, the elderly fruitcake is quite likely to belong to British explorer Robert Falcon Scott. Capt. Scott was the leader of the famous Terra Nova expedition held in 1911. He with his team died on their retrieving journey.

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The Cape Adare huts in Antarctica were built by Norwegian Carsten Borchgrevink in the year 1899. These Antarctic huts are the only residential structures in the land of Antarctica. It was later on that Capt. Scott stayed there for his expedition.

This cake is manufactured by British biscuit company Huntley & Palmers. The rust-ruined tin has been sent to experts for repair. “The cake itself was in excellent condition,” the team mentioned. Lizzie Meek, conservation manager for artefacts at the Trust says, “Fruitcake was a popular item in English society at the time, and it remains popular today,”

“Living and working in Antarctica tends to lead to a craving for high-fat, high-sugar food, and fruitcake fits the bill nicely, not to mention going very well with a cup of tea.”

She added, “With just two weeks to go on the conservation of the Cape Adare artefacts, finding such a perfectly preserved fruitcake in amongst the last handful of unidentified and severely corroded tins was quite a surprise. It’s an ideal high-energy food for Antarctic conditions, and is still a favorite item on modern trips to the Ice.”

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New Zealand-based Trust has been digging the huts since 16 May 2016 and they have excavated about 1500 ancient articles belonging to the Antarctic explorers, including rotten meat.