10 Most Unusual Animal Discoveries in Recent Years


Scientists are restless creatures themselves. Never resting and always wading through deserts, jungles and sea is what make their lives successful. This same sense of tirelessness and probing into things make unique and rare discoveries possible. Check out the most unique animal species discovered in 2015.

Sneezing Monkey

This unique black and white specie of monkey has a strange upturned nose. The nose gets wet in the rainy day and cause severe sneezing to the poor monkey. The sound of sneezing can easily be heard in the rainy day. This animal often sits tucking its head in its knees to refrain from sneezing. That is why its named “sneezing monkey“. This specie is found in northern Myanmar.

Smallest Snail

Yes! its the smallest snail discovered in China. Smallest animal, to the level that it can not be seen from naked eyes. Scientists examine it with a microscope. It is named Acmella nana. The shell over it is shiny and translucent and 0.027 inches only. The rare creature lives on limestone hills on tropical islands.

Smallest Snail

Dementor Wasp (Ampulex dementor)

The name is inspired by Harry Potter creature “Dementor“. Its a ruthless creature found in Thailand. Wasp eats cockroaches in a deadly way. The wasp injects the cockroach’s belly with poison that leaves it motionless like a zombie. Then the Dementor Wasp eats it alive.

Dementor Wasp

Peacock Spiders

Skeletorus and Sparklemuffin are two of the recently discovered peacock spiders. They are named peacock because of their colorfulness and dancing movements for courtship. They are found in Australia. Skeletorus is of black and white color and Sparklemuffin has red and blue hues.

Peacock Spiders

Pig-nosed Rat

Pig nosed rat is the most rare specie of rats. It has a hog-like nose and teeth like a vampire. It is found in Indonesian island of Sulawesi.

Hog Nosed Rat

Terror Bird (Llallawavis scagliai)

This is the most ancient animal specie. The fossil is discovered in the most intact condition from the eastern coast of Argentina. As the fossil shows, it was a flightless bird of around 10 feet in length. It had a dangerously huge beak to catch the pray. The deep examination of its ear structure proved it to be capable of hearing low frequency sounds easily. So finding a pray around was not a big deal for terror bird.

Terror Bird Fossil

Hippo-size vacuum cleaner (Ounalashkastylus tomidai)

This is an extinct animal specie of around 23 millions years ago. Animal  remains were discovered from Aleutian Islands’ Unalaska. Four skeletons were discovered. A research over the remains cleared that these were hippo sized animals that used to suck up algae and long grass grown by the coastline area.

Enormous sea scorpion

While excavating a meteorite impact crater in Lowa, scientists found these human sized fossils of scorpions that used to live on earth around 460 million years ago. These animals had pointy and paddle shaped limbs.

Four-legged snake (Tetrapodophis amplectus)

It was an animal fossil discovered from northeastern Brazil and was displayed in the Solnhofen Museum in Germany titled as “unknown”. Untill the time that paleobiologist David Martill examined and concluded it to be a four legged snake. Its around 120 million years old.

Fossil of Four Legged Snake

Vegetarian T-Rex

Whenever we think of a T-Rex a bloody killer animal specie of dinosaur comes to mind. But not all T-Rex were that ruthless. There were veggie T-Rex too. In 2010, an excavation project in Southern Chile, dug up dozens of fossils of vegetarian T-Rex of various sizes. Further study excluded them to be plant naturally plant eaters.